UIC Innovation Awards 2012

Today the IRRB Jury members have concluded their evaluation of the 46 submission which the UIC has received for the first Global Rail Research and Innovation Awards. Out of the 46 submissions, 4 submissions were non-eligible because the innovation had not yet been tested in service. A further was declared non-eligible as the submission had not been made in English as was requested.

The evaluation and the nomination of the winners have been carried out as follows:

  • The Jury consisted of IRRB members who when necessary were assisted by one or more experts from their organisation. They have given scores according to 6 main categories and a total score as described in the procedure. The members of the jury were not permitted to score submissions originating from their country of origin. Their scores and remarks have been submitted to the IRRB secretariat.
  • Following this, a consensus meeting took place between the IRRB chairman Mr. Boris Lapidus and the Director of the Department of Fundamental Values Mr. Jerzy Wisniewski.
  • The total scores results of the jury members for all 41 eligible submissions were added. In the cases where the jury could not score a submission from their country an extra score was inserted consisting of the average score of all other scores added and divided by the number of scores received.
  • A first overall shortlist then was established consisting of all submission with a score of 50 and above. This left 20 submissions.
  • Following this, the submissions were allocated to one of the 6 categories of railway research areas described in the Award procedure. In the case a submission addressed more than one category, the submissions were featured in the applicable categories. NB: a submission could only be awarded once.
  • For the category “Rail Freight” only one submission has been received, with at least 5 for the other categories.
  • Finally the highest ranking submissions in each category have been identified

It has been decided that all organizations or individual researchers who have submitted a proposal for the contribution to the innovation of the railways on the basis of their research and who have been shortlisted will receive a UIC Global Rail Research and Innovation” diploma. The winners in each category will be notified today and will be invited to attend the Award ceremony in Paris on 11 December 2012.

The winners in each of the categories are:

« Safety/security » category

Kimiaki Sasaki
Railway Technical Research Institute, RTRI

« Freight services » category

Semih Kalay
Transportation Technology Center Inc., TTCI / Association of American Railroads AAR

« Passengers services » category

Jukka Näräkkä
Soundim Oy

« Cost reductions » category

Professor Lev Muginshtein
Russian Railways

« Rail System » category

JR East

« Sustainable development » category

Per Leander