Transport Research Innovation Portal (TRIP)

The Transport Research and Innovation Portal (TRIP) gives an overview of research activities at European and national level. The main objectives that lie at the basis of the development of the Transport Research and Innovation Portal (TRIP) are twofold.
The first objective is to improve access to knowledge in the European Research Area and beyond through the appropriate dissemination and promotion of the transport research results. The second objective is to reinforce the link between transport research and transport policy through the provision of accurate, timely and complete information on key deliverables of transport research projects.
The Transport Research and Innovation Portal, has as its primary goal the dissemination and promotion of transport research, supporting the above and bringing together transport research and policy-making inside and outside the EU.
Country profiles provide a summary on the organisation of transport research in the European Research Area countries. The Programme and Project sections contain detailed information on national, European and international programmes and projects respectively.
TRIP contains:

  • Project Database of 7,284 transport research related projects
  • Country Profiles, presenting national institutions and organisations responsible for funding, promoting and supporting transport research
  • Programmes for research and innovation in transport
  • Policy Brochures presenting results of transport research according to policy topics and Transport Research Summaries on 24 transport themes
  • Videos for each Policy Brochure
  • News of the latest in transport research, policies and innovation, including monthly e-Newsletters
  • Events Calendar of high-level international transport conferences