TTCI’s 18th Annual Railroad Research Review draws over 500 attendees

Transportation Technology Center, Inc. (TTCI) held its 18th Annual Research Review March 5-6, in Pueblo, Colorado, USA, on the Development of Technology Driven Solutions to Improve Safety and Efficiency of the Railways.

Over 550 railroad researchers, students, and suppliers from the U.S. and 14 other countries, attended the 2-day event, which consisted of formal presentations, poster sessions, workshops, and on-track demonstrations of the latest work in the areas of equipment and track technology solutions, including automated inspection of track and equipment using machine vision technologies. The AAR Research Review included 18 presentations, four panel discussions led by Class I executives and numerous poster sessions in the lobby adjacent to the meeting salon.

TTCI holds the annual event to disseminate the latest research results to the industry at large. The forum is available to all railroads, suppliers, consultants, and research organizations worldwide to receive the latest technology developments under the Association of American Railroads’ Strategic Research Initiatives (SRI) Program.

TTCI engineers presented up to date results from the SRI program on the first day of the event held at the Pueblo Convention Center, and on the second day attendees reviewed static displays of research projects and observed on-track demonstrations installed on the 2.7-mile Heavy Tonnage Loop at the Facility for Accelerated Service Testing. This year’s workshop subjects were on improved rail materials and rail welding methods and rolling contact fatigue of wheel/rail systems.

This year’s successful event again shows the continued commitment of the industry to advance railroad technology by solving problems in an effort to boost safety, performance, and efficiency of our railroads”, said TTCI Senior Vice President Semih Kalay.

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