TRA (Transport Research Arena)

European High Standard Scientific Conference with a systemic approach to building a sustainable transport system especially aiming at greener, safer and smarter transport and will cover all surface transport modes: road transport, rail transport, waterborne transport and their interfaces . It will concern European and national research activities and all aspects of R&D: from basic sciences, socio-economic research to applied sciences and demonstration activities.

Participating in the organisation of the bi-annual research conference are members of the European Technology Platforms related to transport (e.g. ERRAC, ERTRAC and Waterborne). The TRA is complemented by an early-stage research student competition
with the goal of stimulating the interest among young researchers in the conference.

The UIC is through ERRAC as well as directly involved in the organisation of the TRA.

The next TRA conference will be held in Athens from 23‐26 April 2012.

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TRA Call for papers - draft

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TRA 2012 - draft restructure

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