TCDD Railway Research and Technology Center (DATEM)


TCDD has been started to plan and develop railway and its sector in Turkey after 2003. Establishment of a Railway Research and Technology Center was decided at 10th Transportation Forum in Turkey. The organisation scheme of our Railway Research and Technology Centre is divided into main four groups.
These are Electronic Research Directorate, Geotechnical Services Directorate, Destructive/Non-Destructive Testing Directorate and finally Support Services Directorate.

  • Electronic Research Directorate: The first duty of this department is to carry out research and development of railway systems such as; general communication, remote control, power electronics, control systems.Second one is to educate and support the railway sector personnel
  • Geotechnical Services Directorate: Main objective of this department is to perform several tests and studies on railway infrastructure and superstructure. This department has also accreditation based on sectorial standards.
  • Destructive/Non-Destructive Testing Directorate: The major aim is to implement destructive testings and non-destructive inspection of components used in railway industry. In addition, to perform extended studies into metal fatigue, and standardize the NDT works in TCDD.
  • Support Services Directorate: This department was established to carry out personnel and financial policies to ensure the execution of the RRTC. It also conduct with the planning, design and training activities of the RRTC.

Test facilities

Electronics Research Directorate:

  • General Electronics Lab (end of 2012)
  • Power Electronics Lab (end of 2012)
  • Microprocessor, Software, Control Lab (end of 2012)

Geotechnical Services Directorate:*

  • Ballast and Aggregate Laboratory (accredited EN 17025) (active)
  • Soil Mechanics and Materials Laboratory (2014)
    Destructive /Non-Destructive Testing Directorate:
  • Mechanical Lab (2012-2014)

Fatigue Test Machines ( 500 KN, 100 KN)

Tensile Testing Machine (250 KN, 10 KN)

Charpy Impact Test Machines (300 joules, 15 joules)

Hardness Testing Devices ( Vickers, Knoop, Rockwell, Brinell)

  • Metallographical Lab (end of 2012)

Optical Microscopes( Inverted, Stereo)

Scanning Electron Microscope

  • Chemical Lab (end of 2012)

Optical Emission Spectrometry

  • Visual Inspection Lab (end of 2012)
  • Magnetic Particle Testing Lab (end of 2012)
  • Penetrant Testing Lab (end of 2012)
  • Eddy Current Testing Lab (end of 2012)
  • Ultrasonic Testing Lab (end of 2012)

Overview of your current and future research priorities

Our current stage is to establish the test facilities which are mentioned above in the concept of:

  • To come together all railway actors in this sector,
  • To determine and resolve R&D needs of the railway,
  • To provide a world class training and research centre to support the railway sector improvement in rail infrastructure capacity through effective maintenance,
  • To develop test line,
  • To examine rail-vehicle interaction,
  • To improve material integrity.

As a future stage, we are planning to establish three more department and facilities. These are:

  • Component Test Labs ;
    • Brake Testing Lab
    • Vibration and Dynamic Testing Lab
    • Bogie Testing Lab
  • Railway Welding Engineering Divison ;
    • Flash-butt Welding
    • Alumina Thermite Welding
  • Substructure and Superstructure Elements Testing System


Destructive and Non-Destructive Department

  • 1 Manager-Metallurgical and Material Engineer-Level-3 Expert(UT, PT, MT, VT, ET)
  • 1 Chief Engineer -Metallurgical and Material Engineer-Level-3 Expert(UT, PT, MT, VT, ET)
  • 2 Mechanical Engineer -Level-2 Expert(UT, PT, MT, VT, ET)(PhD. Students)
  • 1 Mechanical Engineer -Level-2 Expert(UT, PT, MT, VT, ET)-Welding Engineer
  • 1 Metallurgical and Material Engineer-Level-2 Expert(UT, PT, MT, VT, ET)
  • 1 Material Sciences Engineer-Level-2 Expert(UT, PT, MT, VT, ET)

Support Services Directorate

  • 1 Manager
  • 1 Chief Manager- Level-2 Expert(UT, PT, MT, VT, ET)
  • 2 Metallurgical and Material Engineer-Level-2 Expert(UT, PT, MT, VT, ET)-Welding


  • 1 Metallurgical and Material Engineer
  • 1 Mechanical Engineer
  • 1 Electric and Electronics Engineer

Electronics Research Directorate

  • 1 Manager-Physics Engineer
  • 3 Electric and Electronics Engineer
  • 1 Computer Engineer

Geotechnical Services Directorate

  • 1 Manager-Geological Engineer
  • 5 Geological Engineers
  • 1 Civil Engineer
  • 1 Mining Engineer


Mr. Guven Kandemir-TCDD Railway Research and Technology Centre(RRTC) Operation Manager

Mr.Atila Keskin-TCDD-RRTC-Destructive/Non-destructive Tesing Dİrectorate Manager