Research Designs & Standards Organisation (RDSO)

Research Directorate is one of the important directorates of RDSO. This directorate performs the following activities:

  • Conducting Governing Council Meeting (GCM).
  • Conducting Central Board of Railways Research (CBRR) Meeting.
  • Coordinating for MOU with IITs and different Directorate of RDSO for R&D projects of multidisciplinary nature.
  • Coordinating with IIT/Kharagpur is establishment of Centre for Railways Research.
  • Other consultancy project with IITs/foreign institutions.
  • Instrumentation support for field trails to various RDSO directorates.

Indian Railways Vision 2020

Indian Railways Vision- 2020 aims to transform IR from a net technology importer to technology exporter. In order to develop a long-term frame work for research collaboration, MOU with IIT Kharagpur has been signed by Railway Board on 13/2/2010 for setting up a state of art Centre for Railway Research (CRR) at IIT/ Kharagpur.

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Current Project/Activities

As per mandate defined in MOU signed, the Centre for Railway Research (CRR) shall carryout Research related to the following areas:

  • Heavy haul Technology
  • Vehicle Dynamics
  • High Speed Technologies
  • Energy efficient traction power supply system
  • Track research
  • Use of artificial intelligence for predictive maintenance and management
  • Material sciences for railway related composites including rubber, polymers and insulation materials
  • Development of integrated/ embedded processors for railway application
  • Application for access control, security and safety including biometrics
  • Open platform population control system for rail vehicle
  • Non-conventional drives and technology including maglev, L.I.M
  • Remote sensing and measurement of OHE track and signals.

Railway board vide letter no. - 2010 / E&R / 3400 / 1 dated 11.05.2010 has suggested following areas for Research for CRR to begin with. -

  • Heavy haul Technology
  • High Speed Technologies
  • Material sciences for railway related composites including rubber, polymers and insulation materials
  • Use of artificial intelligence for predictive maintenance and management.

Accordingly fourteen projects on above nominated four areas have been identified and submitted to railway board for sanction.

Test Facilities/Expert Available

There are following laboratories under Research Directorate having facilities for various trials & tests Electronic Laboratory.

The main activities of this lab include:

  • Development of various types of transducers required for trails and testing.
  • Providing full instrumentation support to various directories of RDSO with qualified Engineers for conduction various trials for improvement of tracks & running vehicles and for running high-speed trains.
  • Repairs of Signal Conditioners, Oscillograph Recorders and various types of Transducers used for various trials by directorates of RDSO.
  • Repairing & maintenance of Oscillation Monitoring systems (OMS 2000) of Indian Railways.
  • Maintenance and Adjustment of Oscillograph Recorder Transducers.
  • Development of Oscillation Monitoring system.

Vehicle Characterization Laboratory:

Following test facilities are available in this lab:

  • Rotational Resistance Test with non-metallic CP liner in BOXN Wagon
  • Evaluation of coefficient of friction at vehicle /rail contact surface
  • Crash test on rolling stock at speeds upto 40 KMPH


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