New IRRB member: The Traffic and Transport Institute Ljubljana I.I.c. (Prometni institut Ljubljana)

The Traffic and Transport Institute Ljubljana I.I.c. (Prometni institut Ljubljana) is a research organisation founded by Slovenian Railways. The company with over 40 years of tradition and innovative solutions conducts research and development projects in all traffic modes applied to the domestic and foreign market.

The institute is a member of the Slovenian Chamber of Engineers and is registered as a research organisation by the Slovenian research agency.

The company specialises in research and development of transport technology, infrastructure, transport economics and law, transport related IT&T as well as in elaboration of investment documentation.

Researchers are higly professional, skilled and trained, with university diplomas, two with Ph.D and nine with M.Sc. academic titles. The Institut has 31 employees.

Over the years, Institute has gathered rich library of important national and international references in the field of transport. The Institute is currently involved in several EU multi annual projects and studies (TransSAFE Alp, GIFT, ADB Multiplatform, TRANSit, MEDNET, ACROSSEE , ELAN, REZIPE)

At the national level the main important references in the past five years were linked to the EU financed important railway infrastructure development projects in the Republic of Slovenia: Feasibility studies for the modernisation and upgrading of the different railway lines: Trieste – Divaca, Beltinci – Lendava, Ljubljana – Kranj – Jesenice with junction to the international airport Joze Pucnik, Pragersko - Hodos and the feasibility study for the Implementation of the GSM-R system for the Slovenian railway network.

Apart from these, variety of the applied research projects carried out recently have to be mentioned: Variant Model for the calculation of the charge for the use of the public railway infrastructure, Development of the Information system for the calculation of the costs of the railway infrastructure maintenance, Development of the meauserement system of the deterioration of track geometry, rail corrugation and track dynamics, Microscopic train time table modeling (stations and open tracks), computer software for the calculation of special consignments movements and track codification according to UIC, Schedlok – computer application for the organisation of the train locomotives schedules.

In 2011 a consultancy services for the Public railway Agency of Montenegro in the frame of the EUROPEAID technical asistance to the transport sector, Montenegro were made.

Institute is not exclusively oriented to railway sector. At the moment, one of activites is focused to the development of the public transport in Slovenia, where Institue is working on integration (functional and administration) of the public bus and railway transport.

Main clients are Slovenian Railways, Ministry of infrastructure of the Republic of Slovenia, Public Agency for Raliway transport of the Republic of Slovenia, DRI Investment management engineering and consulting company, EU Commission, Hungarian railways (MAV) and others.

The new strategy of the owner, Slovenian railways,which was adopted in 2012, put the Institute in front of new, ambitious challenges: Prometni institut has to play a leading role in the field of research and development activites of the Slovenian railways and wider as a promotor of the research and develompent strategies of the slovenian railway and transport system as a whole.

New role of the Institute goes perfect in line with IRRB membership. IRRB will have strong, reliable and commited partner, which can contribute to the IRRB and UIC with expert knowledge. Institute can provide to IRRB the picture of R&D activities, strategies and policies as it is one of the key research institutes in Slovenia. With its professional background Institute can give reviews for the wider region, especially for the West Balkan. As UIC and IRRB works and thinks globally, role and contribution of the Institute within IRRB would be the same: to help IRRB to create the global R&D railway transport community with excellent network of good projects. Institute of Traffic and Transport, from this part of Europe and the world, is ready to cooperate and participate.