Korean Rail Research Institute (KRRI)

KRRI was established in 1996 as a railway research body in Korea aimed at developing railway transportation and enhancing competitiveness in the industry by unfolding strategic R&D activities along with railway policies. The KRRI efforts will constantly improve railway technologies in a bid to present a better future by developing fundamental and most up-to-date core technologies. Being the nation’s think tank in the railway sector, KRRI is determined to provide the nation and the people with a new growth engine of top-of-the-line technologies playing a leading role in the world’s railways. KRRI will stay the course exploring new values with creative and innovative ideas into the future.

Vision 2015

KRRI was launched with commitment to shape the nation’s railway transport systems while strengthening its competitiveness in the global railway industry. As the nation’s backbone research body for the railway technology, KRRI will be constantly seeking innovative technologies and policies to better serve the people and nation with improved railway systems.

More information: http://www.krri.re.kr/krri_2008/institute/mission/index.html

Projects / Activities

Research priorities

  • Vehicle & Track
  • Railway Structure
  • Electric Power Supply
  • Rail Environments
  • Train Controls and Communication
  • Vehicle Dynamics and Propulsion Systems
  • Railway Transport and Logistics

KRRI has seen a success in its developments of 350km/h high speed rail ’HSR-350x’, light rail transit ’K-AGT’, tilting train ’TTX’ and standardized urban transit with its information system for maintenance. These technology developments are expected of their applications in the local market while their technology expansions are underway overseas as well.
KRRI is also in process of developing 400km/h high speed EMU, ultra high speed train, reducing the nation’s logistics costs with set-up of a logistics & transportation system, developing sustainable green transportation with low carbon emissions and of connecting trans-Korean and intercontinental rail networks to realize a borderless economic bloc in the ’Eurasia-Pacific’ Era.

Prospective Strategic Research

  • Strategic Railway
  • Ultra High-Speed Trains
  • Trans Korean and Transcontinental Railway
  • Rail Industry Promotion

Test facilities

As an internationally certified testing center, Korea Railroad Research Institute is equipped with some 350 units of advanced railway testing facilities in 6 laboratory buildings that stretch 60,230m2 to conduct highly sophisticated testing and assessment on railway-related gears, rolling stock performance and diagnosis to ensure railway safety.
The state-of-the-art lineup of railway facilities helps KRRI perform highly efficient tests and certification on railway gears and components. We believe that our job well done in the field will ultimately reduce rail-related accidents and casualties for the sake of the three key factors – people, vehicles and the environment.


All contacts can be found at the following link: http://www.krri.re.kr/krri_2008/Contac/index.html

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