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Membership criterias


  1. Being able to demonstrate research income of > €1m per annum for dedicated rail research (members from developing and low cost countries may be exempted if necessary)
  2. Employing >20 dedicated railway researchers
  3. Owning or having access to rail testing and consultancy facilities and access to other rail related research facilities (for instance in the field of satellite technology and others)
  4. Being able to prove specialist knowledge and expertise in UIC strategic priority areas
  5. Having a rail industry advisory board
  6. Being experienced in industrial collaboration and/or rail research partnerships
  7. Having research contracts/projects with UIC and/or UIC members
  8. Having UIC preferred capability and capacities

Secondary qualifications (recommended)

  1. Experienced in contributing to rail standards
  2. Having received Prizes/Awards for rail research
  3. Having a track record of rail research and development publications
  4. Having UIC or UIC members on their rail industry advisory board
  5. Having links with other influential international rail research providers
  6. Broad range of rail research expertise
  7. Being recognized as a top quality research provider with multi-modal research links and large research turnover

Application form